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The Power of the Positive Thinker

The benefits of positive thinking cannot be overstated. The postitive thinker isn't necessarily the smartest or most creative person in the bunch, but the positivie thinker is usually the most productive, the most reliable and the most teachable member of the team. Are you as a leader identifying the postiive thinkers on your team? Are you protecting them? Are you promoting them? Are your recognizing and rewarding them? You should be, and here's just a few reasons why.

First, the positive thinker is influencial. Yes, it's true that negativity and gossip can spread like wildfire, but a persistent positive is like that water washing up against the shoreline day after day and slowly creating beautiful patterns in the seemingly solid rocks along the shore. Protecting these positive thinkers is an important task as a leader because they are often your frontline against grumbling and negativity creeping into the culture. People are influenced and even inspired by the positive thinker. Often, other members of the team will wish they were more like the positive thinker in their ability to be resilient and upbeat despite challenges. The positive thinker can be a powerful force during times of transition and help other members of the team come along and embrace necessary changes. The positive thinker can be a very powerful force for good in your organization.

The positive thinker is typically productive. Positive thinkers will learn from mistakes, make second attempts at failed projects and receive constructive feedback. The positive thinker on your team is the one most likely to embrace new ideas, most likely to get behind your decisions and most likely to adapt quickly to enacted changes. The positive thinker sees challenges as stimulating rather than drudgery and can help others see the benefits in new procedures or changes in the workplace culture. The positive thinker usually has the organization's best interest at heart. The positive thinker will work hard to not only embrace the mission and the vision of the company, but will take seriously the task of actually fulfilling that mission in their daily tasks. Positive people are typically productive people, and the positive thinker in your midst should be one of the most recognized and rewarded members of your team.

Finally, and most importantly, the postive thinker is typically teachable. In hiring, 'teachable' is one of the most important qualities. You can train tasks, procedure and skills. The positive thinker typically has a solid assessment of themselves and will eagerly embrace new challenges as exciting opportunities rather than view them as being "bossed around" or told what to do.

As a leader, it will behoove you to identify the positive thinkers on your team. Uplift them, promote them, encourage them, entrust new ventures to them. Protect your positive thinkers and they will bolster your organization. Great leaders know themselves the power of positive thinking, and bring other positive thinking people along on their professional journey will only benefit your organization, and make your leadership appear amazing!

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