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"How to be Happy, Dammit!"

 - a dynamic motivational presentation!

You can have a productive team!

Thought patterns that affect attitudes affect outcomes. Leading a motley crew is no easy task, and more than stressful.


This motivational talk can help the members of your team, group or organization identify and change thought patterns, moving them from behaviors that "shut doors" to behaviors that "open opportunities".

"Life is Change. Growth is Optional.  Choose Wisely."                  -- Karen Kaiser Clark

Preparing for change

A change in circumstance always requires a change in thinking.  Whether you need to prepare your people for a paradigm shift or just a modification in chain-of-command, the concepts in the SCHLUVITTT philosophy can impact their perspective and acceptance of change, and allow them to move forward with you and the organization.


Happiness, contentment, and the ability to be flexible and open really can be a choice!  Leaders understand this, but implementing the SCHLUVITTT philosophy can bring fresh perspective, new thoughts and new ideas, making acceptance of change easier.

Provide your club, group, team, or colleagues with an  eye-opening engaging workshop that will leave everyone thinking "Schluvittt!"

SCHLUVITTT is an original, enlightened, and fun acronym describing the TEN essential elements for leading a happy life!

You CAN take charge of your own happiness and well-being, despite the attitudes of those around you.

As attendees work through the Schluvittt assessment of their own lives, they discover new insights into retaining their own joy, even while those around them grumble!

Looking for an energetic and inspiring motivational speaker for your organization?

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