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Increased Retention & Productivity


Research has proven that employees feel appreciated when they are given opportunities to build skills and improve themselves both personally and professionally.


Our workshops offer opportunities for your team members to identify areas of strength and build those areas, while helping them identify areas where improvement can be made and encourage them in that as well. Allowing employees to gain even more skills which improve them as people and as professionals will help foster a sense of commitment to your organization. Personal and professional development opportunities make not only a better employee, but one who feels a sense of accomplishment and success.


We can help you develop ideas to accommodate non-work responsibilities and desires of your employees, making them feel like their work is a positive aspect of their life rather than a compartmentalized drudgery that they don't identify with at all in their personal lives.


We can help you be a great leader who retains employees, increasing productivity and increasing your bottom line!

What is your team missing: entrepreneurial spirit, respect, depth, flexibility?  Fresh eyes and innovative tools can help leaders assess shortcomings and potential weak points in their team.  We can help pinpoint areas of potential trouble, reducing the strain of interpersonal difficulties, and allowing you and your team to focus energies where it counts.


Does acerbic, frosty, and spiky describe your team rather than your vodka?  Let us help your staff, volunteers, sales-force, or team begin to understand their attitudes.


Understanding brings the the knowledge of the power they have to make adjustments in themselves, and in their interactions with others.  Working through individualized worksheets and activities, and then bringing that knowledge back to a group setting allows for light-bulb moments, new perspectives, and expanded vistas to change attitudes and interactions.

Live "edutainment", breakout sessions, and even picnics and icebreakers, these events are customized and based on True Colors International formatting and scripting.


Guaranteed to entertain, educate, enlighten, create, and bond, Tess will customize sessions and events that can activate your people to interact in ways that are real, honest, helpful, and encouraging.  The effects are immediate and lasting.


Regardless of the size of your organization, a customized program of personal and team development can be formatted to help you lead an amazing team!

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