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Gallaudet University - Washington, DC
Leadership Conference

Tess Crowder was one of our presenters at the Gallaudet University Students of Color Leadership Institute during the Spring semester, 2017. Her presentations included the True Colors Program as well as a motivational "Schluvittt!" presentation. Our students were actively engaged throughout Tess' session due to her interactive presentation style and her dynamic delivery.


Our program coordinator received numerous positive comments regarding Tess' use of a variety of communication techniques that kept them engaged while providing helpful tools to impact their professional lives. Should your organization be interested in these type of leadership development activities, Tess' come highly recommended.


Edgar Palmer

Executive Director

Office of Diversity and Equity for Students

Gallaudet University

Washington, DC

* * * * *

Thank you Tess Crowder for supporting #WWCode Tampa! The #truecolors workshop was inspiring and educational. Teaching communication and leadership skills to future CEOs and CIOs in tech. I highly recommend this workshop to bring cooperation, communication and synergy to any team! What's your True Color?

Deanna Gray

#WWCode Tampa

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