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Leaders Have Been Given Permission

If you are in a position of leadership, you have been given permission. Someone in authority over you within the organization has give you permission to lead, but that's not the only person who has granted their permission. If you are a truly effective leader, it means that you have been given permission to lead by your team and those under your authority.

Successful leaders understand that in order to be a LEADER not a BOSS, you must attain the permission of those under your authority to be their leader. Otherwise, you are simply ordering them to complete tasks, and they are obligated to do those tasks if they want the agreed compensation or reward. Leaders who are effective at truly leading other people, and creating within them an internal desire to perform, have been given permission by that person to become their leader.

You have earned their respect. This is one way to gain the permission of someone under your authority. Your achievements or your values system or lifestyle has inspired this person to follow you; they have given you permission to lead them, and they are willingly following.

You inspire them to do more or better. Something about you has created within them a desire for quality within themselves. They are watching you, they are listening to you. They are following you because you have inspired them to be more like you in their professional or personal life, or perhaps even both.

They like you! Some people will work hard for you simply because they like you. Your personalities mesh, or they enjoy your sense of humor or your leadership style. People will work for you, give their best, and allow you to lead them because they like who you are.

You value them. You treat them as an individual, you value their skills and perspective, and you listen to their thoughts and opinions. They have given you permission to lead them because when they work for you or work with you, they feel part of the team, they feel respected, and they feel that their contribution is truly important. You have made them an asset because you appreciate them as an individual.

You respect them. This is the most essential component to gaining someone's permission to become their leader. Personalities will vary, some people will be easier to lead and some will be more challenging. Whether they are passive or driven, independent or insecure, opinionated or soft-spoken, regardless of their personality type, if you disrespect or devalue them, you will never attain permission to be their leader. They may still show up and do their tasks, but they will never do more, become more engaged, buy into your vision or goals, or embrace your authority over them if you fail to treat them with respect.

Leadership is so much more than authority or title. It is truly gaining someone's trust and respect in such a way that their desire to work with you and for you meets their own internal desire to feel valued, inspired, respected or liked. Treating each member of your team as an important individual whose contributions matter gives you permission to lead.

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