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Tess Talk!

Tess Talk! is a dynamic new radio show featuring True Colors Certified motivational speaker and team builder, Tess Crowder.


Each show will feature inspirational and uplifting segments that will motivate and inspire listeners to reach their full potential in their interpersonal and professional lives.  In addition to inspiring listeners to make the most of every opportunity in their lives, Tess will have guests each week who are doing great things in our community and all around the nation.  Her purpose is to create a place where listeners can go to hear “good news” and be inspired to make a difference in their own corner of the world each week.

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Tess Talk! launched April 2, 2016 with realtime online captioning, and publicity outlets in the form of various local and national hearing loss advocacy and professional organizations.  Each week, local media personalities, business owners, non-profits, positive people, and professionals are invited to share "good news" and positive stories happening in the world around us.  Tune in and be among the first to experience the imaginative, original formatting and topic matter of Tess Talk! Uplifting Radio.

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Show Archives:

Sat. 12/24/16 Tess chats with Andrew Irrizzari about living with hearing and visual impairments, and how he has overcome many of life's challenges leaning on family, friends and the grace of God.

Sat. 12/17/16 Tess talks love, life and family just before the holidays!

Sat. 12/10/16 Stephen Friese shares his story of miraculous recovery after being hit by a truck at over 50 MPH while on a motorcycle.  Defying all Dr's prognosis' the power of prayer helped him make a full recovery.

Sat. 12/3/16 Featuring Arnold Harvey II, author of Every Decision Matters.

Sat. 11/26/16 Featuring Rosa Rodriguez with the Deaf Literacy Center

Sat. 11/19/16 Featuring Tracy Cash with the Family Center on Deafness and Elbert Fox, author of Turbulence

Sat. 11/12/16 Featuring Marcel Sanchez sharing her story about her battle with MS.

Sat. 11/5/16 Broadcasting from the Bahamas, and the recovery efforts ongoing there after the devastation of Hurricane Matthew.

Sat. 10/29/16 With Nick, owner of Little Greek Restaurants talking about the importance of Bone Marrow Registry, and former NFL player Henry Lawrence sharing the various charitable efforts he is involved with.

Sat. 10/22/16 Featuring Justin Beauchesne of  Adaptive Skate Collective, who's inspiring kiddos with all types of physical limitations to Go For It!!!  We also hear from Dave with Trident Tactical Solutions who is helping with recovery work down in the Bahamas, post #Matthew

Sat. 10/15/16 Featuring Vietnam Veteran Kenneth Hoenig, working on a fundraiser for the VA of Omaha, NE.  Also featuring Terry Cone with Pyramid Players.

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We love sharing stories of people who are
Making a Difference in the World, and Living Inspirational Lives!
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We want to continue bringing the best programming for our audience.


My experience at the Tess Talk! radioshow was exceptional. Everyone from the program helped create a nurturing and participatory environment. While I've been on television several times, it was my first appearance on a radio show.


Everyone on staff has a terrific personality which made it all the more comfortable for sharing. The whole crew made me feel welcome and relaxed enough to discuss personal information about my life with a disability.


—  Mary Twohey, Grant Writing and Program Development Consultant

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